Co-Creation & innovation initiative in Zambia

TOGETHER WITH Accelerated Growth for SMEs In Zambia Programme (AGS)

The Accelerated Growth for SMEs In Zambia Programme (AGS) is a Finnish Government funded private sector development initiative implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) of the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ). It aims to accelerate the growth and improve competitiveness of the start-ups, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as to strengthen partnerships between Zambia and Finland.

This initiative is established together with the AGS program and Demola Global to create new capacity and networks and bringing together companies (especially MSMEs), higher-education institutions and other stakeholders to an inspiring co-creation process.

Co-creation is a layer of interaction at the grassroots level that constantly generates new relationships, innovation sparks and a culture of cooperation. The purpose of co-creation activities is to serve as a ground base for the enablers of knowledge valorisation.

With our approach we specifically aim at:

  • Strengthening participants' professional identity, creative skills and increase innovation capacity through team-based co-creation
  • Increasing participating companies' capabilities and conditions for success through future projects that produce concrete scenarios as well as validated product and service concepts
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary networking and knowledge exchange between company personnel, researchers and HEI students
  • Creating conditions for the creation of new companies and entrepreneurial activity by the teams

For Students

Get ready for the most exciting part of your studies. We work as a future radar for companies, NGOs & public sector organizations, tirelessly collecting insights from different phenomena and younger generation’s perspectives.

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Program Schedule

The program starts in October 2021 and ends in December 2021

15 - 30 Sep


Partner acquisition

Building company partnerships to join the co-creation program. Designing case topics with participating companies.

1 Oct - 17 Oct



Recruiting talented students from partner universities

27 Oct - 8 Dec



Implementing co-creation project in cooperation with students as well as academic and business mentors

9 Dec


Final event

Student presentations about their findings from the program

Goals and impact of the program

Futures Insights

Signals & trends for global health

New skills

Empowering multidisciplinary innovation experience for students

New Learning experience

Inspiring methods and frameworks for participants


Strengthen regional cooperation between research groups and enhance international knowledge transfer

Program Partners